Like everything in life, this boils down to your personal preference. Shaving and waxing are entirely different hair removal techniques. If you love incredible results, then waxing is a good option. This is because waxing eliminates hair from its follicles, thus giving you more time to stay hair-free between the next sessions. Also, you can run away from the pesky razor burn.

This is a common waxing misconception that people have. The truth is that your hair becomes thicker after waxing, but may become thinner over time. But if your wax regularly, your hair may eventually become thinner with time.

You may have inflamed, ingrown hair trapped in your follicle courtesy of those pimples, but they could also be a sign of irritation. You can avoid this by conducting a good pre-wax preparation and using soothing lotions after waxing

At Take It Off With Kay, our ultimate goal is to make your waxing experience as comfortable, convenient, and safe as possible. Our experienced estheticians ensure your safety and conveniently remove your hair to obtain flawless smooth skin. With high-quality equipment and pharmaceutical- grade skin care products, we make sure that our clients have an outstanding waxing experience with us. So, take the plunge,
book a waxing appointment with us, and see the difference today. This is the real confidence booster you require.