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We value our relationship with you and respect your time. In return we ask that you value ours and the many clients we serve. With that in mind,
We require entering your requested appointment with a valid credit/debit card. This will be collected before your
1st service appointment.
If you request to cancel or reschedule your appointment prior to 24 hours before your appointment, it will result in
zero charges. Rescheduling an appointment or cancellation for any reason within the 24-hour window will result with a 50%
cost of the scheduled appointment. We have turned away other clients for your reserved time. This will
automatically be charged to your card on file. A Credit card is needed to be reserved on file. If you are a no-show or we do not receive a 24 hour window of cancellation we will charge 100 % of your service .The value of this appointment.This will automatically be charged to your card on file.
Packages: if an appointment is missed it will be taken away from your package . No Exceptions We will allow a client 2X with a no show and/or not receiving a 24- hour notice. After that if the client wishes to continue to schedule with us their FEE will be FULL price of their services scheduled. This will automatically be charged to your card on file. Any questions, please contact us directly through TEXT.
15 minutes late for a scheduled service is considered a no show. It is likely we will NOT be
able to take you and you will be charged the fee. Our schedules are crazy busy and scheduled back to back with not much give. This will automatically be charged to your card on

Refunds & Refunds
SERVICES The majority of our services is paying for the technicians time. No refunds are being given on any services including irritations or allergic reactions. There are no refunds or credits given on already received and paid for services. All results vary, NO guarantees have been made. Our time, supplies and materials have been spent on your service. You are serviced at your own risk.
RETAIL PRODUCTS  There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds on retail products that have
been opened or on products that are not sealed. If we cannot resell the item we will not take
For the safety of our clients, we DO NOT allow any “GUESTS” to accompany any scheduled
appointments. This includes children of all ages and other adults.
Our prices can change without notice.
50 percent of service due at the time of booking
We recommend clients pay by CASH,ZELLE , OR DEBIT at the time of your appointment to avoid the 3% upcharge assessed to payments made by credit card. Our prices can be subject to change without notice.
Hours of operation are flexible and vary according to scheduled services
All sales are final on services and products. There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds on retail products that have been opened or on products that are not sealed. If we cannot resell the item we will not take back. There are no refunds or credits given on already received and paid for services. All results vary, NO guarantees have been made. Our time, supplies and materials have been spent on your service.
I do not have a receptionist and I am busy servicing clients , I encourage using the online scheduling feature for scheduling or changes to your appointments. Please do not use FB, INSTAGRAM, EMAIL OR VOICEMAIL. Via TEXT is available for any questions.

On any discounted services remainder of payment due ZELLE OR CASH only! This includes our PUNCH CARDS for Brazilians and Body Treatments and any service promotion. NO double discounts. If you choose to pay Credit Card or Check your service will be full price.
Take It Off With Kay has exciting savings for full body waxing and Body Treatments. Our punch cards are for our cash paying clients. Receive a Complimentary armpit wax on your 3rd punch and 50% OFF your Wax or Body Treatment on your 6th punch. NO Double discounts with punch cards. Punch cards must be the same service .
Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash or refundable. This card should be treated like money. The value of this card will not be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged. This card is not Take It Off With Kay’s responsibility to keep track of the initial purchase, initial purchase amount, who purchased the gift card or who the gift card was purchased for.
Your children and mine. Please be advised that due to liability reasons, children under 12 who do not have a scheduled appointment must have childcare provided away from the studio. We want you and all our guests to enjoy your time with us. This is your time to fully relax and be pampered. Thank you for understanding!
FAQS / Wax Tips
Wax tip 

Let it grow out! If you have been shaving allow A MINIMUM of 2 weeks or 1/4 inch of hair growth (length of a grain of rice) in order to achieve the best waxing results. Anything less then those hairs may not come out and is NOT your technician’s fault. Exfoliate prior to your wax. Does it hurt Listen ,the truth hurts. Of course ripping hair out of follicles isn’t going to be a comfortable experience. However, in the hands of an experienced esthetician the process involves only minor discomfort and is very quick. We have extensive experience with hair removal, especially with the Brazilian.

3-4 weeks should be your second appointment and continued maintenance is 4-6 weeks.
Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare before my appointment?
A: Gentle exfoliation the night before your appointment is a good idea. Feel free to take an over the counter pain killer of your choice an hour before your appointment if you are nervous.
Professional Waxing Session: Tips and Tricks for Best Experience
Pre-Waxing Preparation ‘ Going for a waxing appointment can be daunting especially if you don’t know how to prepare. Before your esthetician calls you for a waxing appointment, ensure that you prepare your skin so the procedure goes seamlessly and without any irritation. Waxing eliminates hair by its root (otherwise known as follicle). This implies preparing your skin before waxing to avoid irritated skin and bumps. In my many years of experience, a less
than-stellar waxing outcome is normally due to bad skin preparation. Besides, good pre waxing preparation guarantees that you can enjoy a vacation ready for several weeks ahead. For the best waxing results, we recommend the following preparation tips before the
• Make sure your hair is of optimal length: Before your waxing appointment, ensure your hair is about one-fourth or three–quarters of an inch long. If it’s longer, then you need totrim it with safety scissors to guarantee a less painful and messy waxing experience.
• Exfoliate your skin: A Day or two before your waxing appointment, gently exfoliate the skin with a mild scrub, loofah, or brush to get rid of the dead skin cells surrounding your hair follicles. This will help to loosen ingrown hairs and enhance your waxing results.
• Cleanse: Before going in for a waxing appointment, gently cleanse the area you want to eliminate dead skin cells, skin care products, and dirt. Afterward, dry the skin properly.

Dry, clean skin helps the wax to stick properly.

Take some painkillers like ibuprofen before your waxing session if possible-this will
assist in reducing the pain and inflammation. Taking such painkillers an hour before the
appointment may help.
• Chill out! Arrive at your waxing session relaxed as you can. Anticipation is normally
worse even than the actual waxing event. Don’t listen to people who tell horror stories
about waxing.
Post-waxing Aftercare
Once you have pulled through the toughest part, it’s all about taking good caution and care for the next two days. Here are a few things we recommend that you avoid while your newly waxed skin is at its most sensitive moments. Afterward, you should be sailing smoothly for the next four or three weeks, when hair generally starts to grow back after waxing.
1. Stay away from the sun
The first two days after waxing, your already sensitive skin down there is more vulnerable. So while you may be wanting to throw your bikini down the line once you leave your esthetician’s office, remember that sensitive skin is more prone to UV rays, which can cause hyperpigmentation or sun damage.
2. Calm your skin
Apply aloe vera gel to the skin for a soothing, cool effect. This will help to rehydrate your skin and minimize the appearance of waxing bumps.
3. Avoid swimming, sauna, or hot yoga
We highly recommend that you avoid certain places like yoga, swimming or hot sauna for at least 2 days after your waxing appointment. Excessive sweat before your hair follicles have properly closed can cause irritation to your skin. Likewise, avoid UV exposure and sunbeds, as high temperatures can clog your follicles and cause bumps and redness.

4. Gentle exfoliation 

72 hours after your waxing appointment, it is a great idea that you gently exfoliate your skin to avoid ingrown hairs and eliminate dead skin cells. Use a body scrub in a circular motion to prevent hair from being hidden under your skin as the follicles close.

5. Wear loose-fitting clothing

Wearing loose clothes is particularly crucial for people receiving Brazilian or bikini waxes, as these regions are prone to breakouts, bacteria, and irritation produced from friction.
How to Minimize Pain and Discomfort During Waxing
If you want to have a painless waxing experience, we recommend that you try out the following tricks and tips:
● Test your wax temperature: Use a small patch on your outer wrist to help you know if the heated wax is too hot before you continue. Yes, it should be hot, but also tolerable.
● Apply the wax using the following grain of your hair: Always smooth out the wax onto your skin in the direction of your hair growth. Use your strip in the same direction. Pull your skin in the opposite direction: When the time comes to pull, hold your skin tight with one hand by pulling it in the direction of your hair growth.
● Reduce the pain when pulling: To reduce the sting, exhale and take a deep breath while pulling fast. After that, put your hand on the waxed skin to soothe it